Anxiety, Stress, Difficulty

Some of the most difficult things we try to cope with are anxiety, stress, and difficult emotions. The majority of us never never learn that we are human and it’s okay to feel uncomfortable emotions. We often try to suppress those emotions because we don’t like the way they feel. We also often encourage others to suppress those difficult emotions because we’re uncomfortable with them.

We are told that we “shouldn’t” feel certain ways – mad, sad, depressed, anxious, stressed, grevious, or anything else that doesn’t feel good. We’re taught to suppress these emotions, but that doesn’t help. The only thing it does it causes more distress and could potentially lead to more distressing issues. We should not hold in uncomfortable and difficult emotions, we have to let them out and feel them. It’s normal and human to feel emotions, both good and bad.

Here is an attachment to help navigate how to process and work through difficult and uncomfortable emotions.

Published by Stacy Hixon, LPC

Mental Health and Life Wellness

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